You Can Trust Jim Amos Contracting for All of Your Home Improvement Needs

You Can Trust Jim Amos Contracting for All of Your Home Improvement Needs

No job is too big or too small, from handyman services to building an addition onto your home. JAC will get the job done well at a fair price.

Jim Amos Contracting is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Anne Arundel County area for over 45 years. No job is too big or too small, from handyman services to building an addition onto your home. JAC will get the job done well at a fair price. Our services include:

  • Full-service home remodeling and home additions
  • Exterior services, including: siding, windows, doors, and roofing
  • Kitchen and bath remodeling
  • Handyman services

If you’ve been thinking about a home improvement project, or maybe just looking to fix one of your home’s “quirks”, call Jim Amos Contracting today!

We have built our reputation of quality workmanship, value, professionalism, and honesty by making sure every job is done right the first time. Thanks to our many returning clients and their referrals, our company has grown quite a bit over the years. We look forward to the opportunity to become your favorite contractor as well!

At Jim Amos Contracting, you only need to bring your ideas and we will work with you to create something that will serve your family and your home for years to come. Do you have a project in mind? Call us today, and we can schedule a free estimate. Whatever type of home improvement idea you have, JAC can handle almost anything you throw at us. Whether it’s on the inside or outside of your home, you can trust Jim Amos Contracting for all of your home improvement needs.

Raise the Roof

Your roof plays a huge role in the appearance of your home. Not only that, but it also protects you, your family, and your home from the elements. Depending on your home and your existing roof system, there are a few different roofing systems that we can install. These include:

  • Shingle roofing
  • Metal
  • EPDM
  • Modified
  • TPO
  • Duradeck

Jim Amos Contracting works with several different roofing material manufacturers to give you as many options as possible. Some of those manufacturers are:

  • CertainTeed
  • Gaf
  • Tamko
  • Metfab
  • Firestone
  • Carlisle
  • Grace
  • Air Vent
  • Berger Brothers
  • Duradek

Once your preferred roofing material is chosen, the JAC team will install your new roof. Our other roofing services include:

  • Roof repair
  • Roof maintenance
  • Skylight installation/replacement
  • Suntube installation
  • Roof cleaning

Whatever your roof needs, you can trust Jim Amos Contracting to get the job done right the first time, on time, and on budget. Our roofing team is fully licensed and up to date on all zoning laws and building permit requirements. For anything your roof needs, call Jim Amos Contracting today!

Windows and Doors

Take a look at your utility bills. Do you notice an upward trend? If your utility bills are slowly but surely inching up, it may be time for some new windows and doors. Updating your windows and doors will not only save you money, it will also make your home that much more beautiful. New windows and doors can also help to protect your home against break-ins. Some newer styles of windows are also easier to maintain, they will tilt inward so that you can clean both sides of the glass without going outside! If you choose new vinyl windows, you will never have to worry about painting them!

If you choose Jim Amos Contracting to install your new windows and doors, we will use our years of experience to get the job done right. We guarantee you will love the results! Our team works with local distributors whenever we possibly can. We deliver high quality results at a fair price. Our relationships with some of our distributors go all the way back to the beginning of our business, and we only work with the best so that we can give you the best.

Whether your home is a brand-new construction, you’re building an addition, or you simply want to update the windows in your existing home, Jim Amos Contracting will help you choose the windows and doors that will be best for your home. We know that no two homes and no two families are exactly alike. We will work closely with you, your home, and our distributors to find whatever you need. Jim Amos Contracting will install high-quality windows and doors on time and on budget.


Your siding is one of the largest elements of the exterior design of your home. Installing the right siding can both enhance your home’s beauty and increase your property value. Jim Amos Contracting will work with you every step of the way to find the right siding. Good quality siding that is installed by professionals can also help to lower your utility bills. If you plan to sell your home, new siding can greatly increase your curb appeal and provide a high return on your investment.

Before we begin installing your new siding, Jim Amos Contracting will make sure your home is well-insulated. We can blow in foam or install sheets of rigid insulation. If you would like, we will even install an exterior wrap, like Tyvek, which can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your walls. The increased efficiency will help keep utility bills down and your new siding will keep your home looking its best.


You buy your home and it’s perfect for you and your family’s needs. Some years later, however, you may find that that you need a bit more space. Families tend to grow, new friends make guest lists longer, and sometimes you just need more space. Building a home addition creates new space and increases the functionality of your home without the added work and expense of moving to a new home. Jim Amos Contracting has the knowledge and experience to build an addition that will blend seamlessly with your existing home and provide more functional space for you, your family, and your guests.

No matter how complex your home addition needs are, Jim Amos Contracting has the knowledge and experience to get it done well. Whether you need a large, multi-room, multi-level addition or just a single room or room extension, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, we will work closely with you to make sure your new addition exceeds your wildest expectations. At Jim Amos Contracting, we pride ourselves in getting every single one of our jobs done right the first time, one time and on budget. That’s why our customers keep coming back!

Contact Jim Amos Contracting Today!

Jim Amos Contracting has been serving the Anne Arundel County area for over 45 years. We apply our years of experience and expertise to every single job we do. We provide almost any home improvement service you can think of, from handyman services to complex home additions. Our business was built on our many return customers and their referrals, so we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We will get every job done right the first time, on time and on budget. Give us a call at (410)-349-1700 or contact us through our website today. Jim Amos Contracting is looking forward to the chance to become your new favorite contractor!

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