4 Ways to Tell You Need a New Front Door

4 Ways to Tell You Need a New Front Door

Does your home need a new front door?

One of the trendiest ways to build a house these days is to include a side door or go in through the garage. With that being the case, the front door is losing its importance. Still, the front door is one of the most visible parts of your home, and one that needs just as much maintenance as anywhere else on your home’s exterior.

Dents and Rust

Depending on where you got your door, you may find that it won’t last as long as you might expect. Over the years due to wind damage or being hit with debris, your door may start to show its age in the form of the dents. Likewise, the hardware can start rusting. Both are signs of neglect. Tired of the front door sticking when you try to open or close it? Then it’s time to replace it!

Condensation Buildup

With all the rain that we’ve seen so far in spring, there’s little doubt that condensation will affect your doors and windows. But your front door can be damaged by condensation buildup that you might not think much of otherwise. Your door might have some windows that can see out but not in; either way, condensation can still collect there. If you don’t deal with it, you could start seeing signs of mold damage due to the presence of water.

Water or Insect Damage

Insects such as termites love to chew on wood. So if your front door is made of wood, it could become their nest, especially if there are holes left behind by moisture damage. Plus, you’ll lose plenty of insulation and watch your air conditioning go right outside instead of keeping you cool this summer.

It’s Out of Date

If your front door still looks like it belongs in the 1990s while your neighbors have all entered the 21st century, then that’s definitely another way you know you need to update your front door.

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