5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Entry Doors

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If you need new entry doors, you can count on Jim Amos Contracting

Would it be evident to you if you needed to replace your entry doors? Door replacement doesn’t only matter for aesthetic appeal. Winter will be here shortly, and no one likes a drafty home or high energy bills. If you need new entry doors, you can count on Jim Amos Contracting. Here are five signs that it’s time for door replacement. 

Are Your Entry Doors Warping and Cracking?

Harsh winters are a common reason that front doors warp and crack over time. A door aging is also another reason behind wear and tear. As a door breaks down, it no longer functions as it should. Cracks can cause bugs to enter the home. They’re also a sign that a door’s structural integrity is weakening. Regardless of the reason, cracked and warped doors need replacement.

Does Your Front Door Squeak or Stick?

A door’s purpose is to open and close. If you’re having trouble getting your door to shut all the way or can barely open it, this is a red flag. Sometimes moisture seeps in when a door ages or its hinges may be worn-out. Loud, squeaky doors, or doors that stick are frustrating, and you shouldn’t have to endure this.

Are Your Entry Doors Causing a Draft?

During the colder seasons, you should feel warm and toasty inside of your home. If not, assess your doors. Gaps between the door and its frame naturally happen over time. There are many temporary solutions to combat this, but a new entry door is the best solution. A draft in your home could also stem from old windows that aren’t energy-efficient

Is The Condensation or Moisture on Your Door Causing Mold?

If yes, you may be thinking that all you have to do is clean the mold. Of course, you should, for health reasons. However, replacing the door altogether eliminates mold and mildew from showing up again. Changing temperatures are usually the reason for condensation buildup between the panes of glass in your door. 

Are Your Doors Scraping Your Floor?

If so, this is typically an indicator of a sagging or warping door. Prevent damaging your floor any further by replacing your door. A warped door is not salvageable. It will only crack and rot over time. 

If you identify with one or more of these entry door issues, call us right away. Your front door should be fantastic on all levels, and we can ensure that. 

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