Designing Your New Kitchen

Designing Your New Kitchen

One way to help improve your home this spring is to complete a kitchen remodeling project.

One way to help improve your home this spring is to complete a kitchen remodeling project. But there’s so much to do that you might not know where to start. Here are some fantastic ways to remodel your kitchen this spring.

Use White Paint and White Tile

Think of your kitchen as an empty canvas that you can use to express yourself. Instead of using different colors that could clash, try using white paint and white tile together. White can help make your kitchen look bigger than before. Plus, it gives it a new clean feeling, which is something that can’t be underestimated. When you feel better spending time in your kitchen, you’ll want to use it more often. Experiment with different textures to find out which one suits you the best.

Consider Pastels

On the other hand, there is something to be said for using bright, cheery colors. Pastels can really fit the bill there. Ordinarily, you might think that pastels only belong in the nursery or in other rooms in the house. But there you would be wrong because you can also use it to great effect in your remodeled kitchen. Green and yellow are going to be your best choices here.

Add More Lighting

Even with sunnier days ahead, you’ll want to light up your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if it’s overhead lighting or task lighting that lets you see better after the sun goes down. Adding more lighting is a great way to update your kitchen, especially if you think it’s too dark in there. Switch out the hardwood floors for tile floors that won’t absorb as much light. And if you have pets, lighter floors can help mask the appearance of dents, scratches, and dust.

Improve Storage Potential

Keeping your pots and pans out of sight when you aren’t using them is an excellent way to declutter your kitchen. Improving storage potential also helps keep your counters and other prep spaces clear so you won’t get annoyed the next time you don’t have anywhere to cook dinner. Consider new metallic handles and knobs on your cabinets and new drawers and cupboards built to your specifications.


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