Home Additions: The Benefits of a Bigger Garage

Home Additions: Bigger Garages Jim Amos Contracting, Inc,

Home additions save you so much money in the long run versus buying a new home with the expanded space you need.

Home additions save you so much money in the long run versus buying a new home with the expanded space you need. Space isn’t just the final frontier in sci-fi. It’s also the end goal in most major home remodeling projects. If you’re contemplating any of the more common home additionsfinished basement, dormered roof, or expanded garage – it’s likely because you need more space for your family and lifestyle. If the addition you’re considering is a new or remodeled garage, there are several great benefits to going big. Larger garages offer more space for storage, hobbies, and – yes – your car. There are some minor drawbacks as well, however, so read for more info to help you make the best decision for you.

Garages Are Useful Additions With Costs

Garages are a flexible space that can be used in a variety of ways. You can store your car, of course, but you can also store just about anything else. People often use their garage to store seasonal decorations, sporting goods, and ever additional freezers or refrigerators. Some people even decide to transform their garage into a workshop or other creative space. Of course, there’s a cost to adding a garage to your home, but often it is the least expensive type of addition, making it a beneficial financial choice. If you already have a garage, the idea of enlarging it so that it is more useful is another sound choice, since expanding a garage, much like building one, shows a good return on investment. Either way, you will likely have to sacrifice some yard, but the useable space you gain is worth it.

Larger Garages Plan For The Future

When planning your garage project, you might think it’s better to be more conservative, but opting for an ample amount of garage space is smarter. If you plan to have or raise your family in your current home, plan and build the two-car garage to house the multiple vehicles you’re likely to have eventually.

Bigger Garages Offer Flexibility

Even though a large garage will cost more, the expanded useable space you add to your home is priceless. There will be enough space there that you can more easily organize and get to all the things you need to store, and even have room for that stuff you leave out in the yard because there wasn’t anywhere else to put it.

Larger Garages Give The Best Of Both Worlds

Even if you never park a second car in there, having two car’s worth of space means that you don’t have to leave your vehicle out in the cold to use the garage as something else, like a workshop. 

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