How to Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

Transitioning a Home from Winter to Spring Jim Amos Contracting

When Spring rolls around, add light, airy curtains to your windows.

Transitioning your home from winter to spring involves more than spring cleaning. It also means that you should swap out your winter decor, among other tasks. Millions of people can’t wait for birds to sing, for the weather to warm up, and for the days to feel longer. If your decor still screams “winter!” we can help you out with that due to us being home remodeling experts. Here are a few simple ways to go from winter to spring in your home. 

Opt for Light, Airy Curtains During Spring

When March 20th rolls around, you should say goodbye to heavy, dark window treatments and opt for light, airy curtains. A curtain change, as simple as this might be, can make the entire room feel brighter. Go for sheer curtains in neutral tones and patterns. 

Add Color to Your Home

Add color to your home by decorating it with a painting, picture frame, or even a chair in a striking color. If you’re not a fan of furniture being too bright or gaudy, ensure that your living room and bedroom accessories have a splash of color. 

Brighter Bathrooms Scream “Spring!”

A bathroom is smaller than any other room in a house. With that in mind, it doesn’t take much to brighten up things or transition from season to season. Swap out your shower curtain for one with a lighter shade. Add some beautiful and fun-colored towels into the mix. If you have substantial space in your bathroom, you may also want to consider adding a large planter in your bathroom. 

Go for Pretty Pillows

If your living room is dull, try throwing some gorgeous, vibrant pillows on your couch. If you’re not a fan of colorful pillows, you can try a neutral-colored pillow with a unique pattern or texture, and you don’t have to stop here. Add spring-like pillows to entryways, benches, breakfast nooks, or your dining room chairs to brighten up your entire home. 

Bring Flowers into the Home

Nothing says springtime like flowers! You can add flowers to a bookshelf or place a tall vase filled with a bouquet and long branches next to your dining room table. Do you want to create even more visual interest? Pair flowers with the same color pattern as your fruit bowl in the center of your kitchen island! 

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