Should You Renovate or Move?

Should You Renovate or Move?

When this happens, however, moving is only one option. You might also choose to renovate your home.

There comes a time for most homeowners when the family gets too big for the space or the home gets old and a little rundown, and they question if it is time to move. When this happens, however, moving is only one option. You might also choose to renovate your home. But how do you decide if renovation or moving is the better choice for you?

Is There An Easy Option?

Many people assume that it would be easier to simply pack up and move than to live through a renovation of their current home. This isn’t always true, however. It really depends on how big a remodel you need. This is why deciding what you really need to have to make a home more livable for your situation is the first step. If all you really need is another bathroom, that is a comparatively minor renovation project. Plus, you have to remember that there is more to moving than simply finding a new house and moving in – you have to find the right home in the right area, make an offer and get the house, then pack everything you own and move it, all while also selling your current home. 

The Emotional Side

Remember that there is also going to be an emotional aspect to this process, and while they should part of the decision, your emotions should not drive it completely. You likely have some level of attachment to your current home because of all the years you’ve spent there. Perhaps it was the first home you and your spouse bought together. Or perhaps it was where your kids took their first steps.  All of the memories you have are important, and choosing a renovation allows you to keep the home you’re emotionally invested in while still getting something that meets your needs. However, if there is no way to reasonably renovate your home to meet your needs, you need to let the emotional aspect go and make the decision to move. 

The Costs

There is no cut-and-dry answer to which option costs less between moving and renovation. It comes down to what you need. Once you sit down and come up with the qualities of a home that you need and want, speak to a few professionals to get an estimate of the costs. This is the only way to figure out the cost of a renovation, but remember that there are ways to keep remodeling costs down if you need to. Next, look at homes on the market that meet your needs as well. Remember that the cost of the new home is not the only cost associated with moving: there is also the actual moving fees, storage fees when you’re staging your home, closing costs, real estate brokerage fess, to name just a few.

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