The Question of Bathroom Flooring: Which One is the Right Answer?

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Ready to make some home improvements before 2022? One of those projects could be remodeling the bathroom.

Ready to make some home improvements before 2022? One of those projects could be remodeling the bathroom. Choosing the right flooring for this room, though, isn’t as simple as it seems. How water damaged is your bathroom? If the bath in question hasn’t been replaced or upgraded since…let’s say the 1980s, that’s a serious problem. We’ll strive to help you select the best flooring material possible!

Flooring Materials to Avoid 

First of all, there are numerous options that you shouldn’t pick from whatsoever. One example is carpet: while it’s beautiful, this gorgeous flooring is a better choice for elsewhere inside your home. Carpets retain moisture which promotes the growth of mold and mildew.  

Hardwood and Laminate Flooring: Hardwoods are wonderful flooring choices for many other parts of the home. But they are unsuitable for bathrooms. Likewise, steer away from using laminates or engineered woods. The consequences of poor decisions include rotting, swelling, and warping.  

Flooring Materials to Consider 

Instead, turn your consideration towards the following materials. They are bound to withstand the humid and damp conditions associated with where you plan to put them. By the way, water-resistant and waterproof flooring materials are your best bet.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: Tile bathroom flooring is extremely popular for a good reason: the tiles are incredibly durable. Their resilience comes from how waterproof they are; the variety of colors and patterns also contribute to their popularity. Pools and puddles of standing water are particularly problematic, but they’re not huge concerns for tile-based materials. 

Natural Stone Tile: Granite, marble, and limestone are among the most popular options for natural stone tiling. They resist wear and tear and come in multiple aesthetically pleasing styles. But if you attempt to install it via a DIY project, you might find it to be more difficult than you expected. And while stone makes your bathroom even more luxurious, keep in mind that it can be immensely expensive. 

Waterproof Vinyl: Compared to stone, waterproof vinyl is far less expensive and, thus, much more affordable. Keep an eye out for WPC and SPC vinyl in particular. Both of these bathroom flooring types are classified as “rigidcore” due to their attributes of durability, anti-scratch properties, and waterproofing. The cores themselves are constructed from wood or stone polymer compounds, both of which are shielded by a wear layer.  

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