3 Ways to Get Ready for Roof Replacement

3 Ways to Get Ready for Roof Replacement

Here are some of the ways to prepare your home for a brand new roof.

After spring slowly rolls into summer, the storms that come along can get increasingly scary. Downpours and high winds can ruin your roof. If you need to have shingles patched up or your entire roof replaced, it is still preferable to having your entire roof cave in and collapse on top of your attic. Here are some of the ways to prepare your home for a brand new roof.

Keep the Roof Area Clear

First of all, it’s important to make the roof as accessible as possible. The contractors need to be able to get up there safely when they arrive. There will be plenty of equipment, along with tools, ladders, harnesses, and gear for putting the roofing material in place and securing it. Everything will need to be stored on the roof in easy reach for the roofers to use, or somewhere in the attic. That’s why it falls to you to make sure that the roof area is kept clear. You’ll also need to make sure that all of your cars are out of the way, along with anything that can get in the way, such as toys and garbage cans.

Point Out Where the Landscape is Most Fragile

The roofers who come to work on your home will not be familiar with the layout of your yard. Even if you think you can fix the roof on your own, this is not a task to be attempted on a lark. That’s why it’s more important that you take the time to indicate the most vulnerable parts of your carefully-tended landscape that can be wrecked by falling tools and debris coming off of the roof. Use little flags to mark where the roofers should avoid going in case of accidental drops or falls.

Prepare the Interior

Next, be sure to prepare the interior of your home. Get valuable mementos or heirlooms out. Move any furniture stored in the attic out of there, and cover up any other important items so they won’t be exposed to damage while the work is underway. Anything fragile and easily breakable should be taken away as well.

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