How To Prepare for a New Roof Installation

How To Prepare for a New Roof Installation jim amos contracting

Getting a new roof is an excellent investment to ensure your whole home is protected from water damage, but how do you prepare for the installation?

So, you’re getting a new roof installed, and the day of is rapidly approaching. Do you know how to prepare your property and home for it? Here are a few tips we have to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and your roof contractor. 

Preparing Your Property for a New Roof

Check For Damage

Before you get a new roof, you should check around your home for any existing damage and take pictures. While a reputable roof contractor will do everything possible to protect your home and property, sometimes damage happens. If you have proof of what is and isn’t damaged beforehand, you can know if the contractors damaged anything while installing your new roof. 

External Power Sources

Access to power could be critical for your roof contractor. If some time has passed since your roof has been worked on, they may find rotting roof decking under your shingles. In that case, they’ll need to cut new boards to replace them. If you don’t have an outlet on the exterior of your house, no problem! As long as the contractor knows ahead of time, they can bring a generator when installing your new roof. 

Check Any Irrigation Systems 

Irrigation systems are lovely to keep your garden and lawn green and healthy. However, wet grass can get damaged more easily than dry grass. Since your roof contractor may need to walk on and use a ladder on your lawn to access your roof, we recommend turning your irrigation system off during your new roof installation. This will make it safer for your contractors and also protect your lawn. 

Preparing Inside Your Home 

Remove Delicate Items from Walls or Shelves

You may not consider the vibration throughout your home when roof contractors are working up there! 

This could shake or displace items on shelves or artwork mounted to the walls. Anything you’re worried about getting damaged should be removed until your new roof is finished. 

Consider Your Children and Pets

A new roof installation can be very loud, especially inside your home. If you have small children or pets, we recommend finding another place for them to be while your roof contractor is working. In the case you leave your home during the installation, you should also deactivate your security system if you have one. While you should always lock your doors while you’re not at home, the vibrations from the installation can accidentally set off your alarm. 

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