Repairing Your Roof or Simply Replacing It

Repairing Your Roof or Simply Replacing It

Many homeowners face a tough decision as spring ends and summer begins: whether or not they should repair their home’s roof.

Many homeowners face a tough decision as spring ends and summer begins: whether or not they should repair their home’s roof. In some cases, it is best to cut your losses and get it replaced. It all depends on how much damage there is on your roof. Here is some more information for your consideration before you make your decision. 

Look Out for Leaks

A leak in your roof can end up costing you the big bucks. Even a small leak can quickly become a huge problem if you don’t do anything to address it. A yearly inspection can point out any potential concerns before they become too expensive to deal with; if you haven’t had one done since this time last year then you’re probably overdue. Be on the lookout for oddly dark patches on your roof, along with any paint that is warping or peeling. Water stains on pipes from the water heater and furnace are also warning signs that trouble is brewing.

When The Repairs Help 

If nothing else is wrong with the roof, and the integrity of its structure is still intact, then, by all means, get the repairs done. Filling a gap in the mastic by the roof flashing is relatively simple and affordable, but you should probably leave this task in the hands of roofing professionals. Also, another potential problem is when a leak appears in the roof’s valley. That can get too pricey for some simple maintenance to fix. While home insurance will cover you for some things, it usually isn’t all-encompassing.

Installing a New Roof

Depending on the type of shingles you have on your roof, replacing the roof can be easy or hard. When you look to replace the roof, taking a shortcut will ultimately turn out to be a bad decision. This is because the top layer won’t be as sturdy as the bottom later and as such, it won’t last as long as it would otherwise. Plus, additional upgrades such as flashing and underlayments are no longer options. Selling your home will also become more difficult since potential buyers will be turned off by the effect that this leaves behind.

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