Roof Maintenance Tips for the Fall

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If your home is surrounded by larger trees with branches that extend onto or above your roof, you should consider trimming them.

With the change of each season, your roof should be inspected because of the different changes in weather. Ideally, it is most important to get your roof inspected during the fall, before the winter as harsher weather conditions can cause the most damage to your roof. To prevent any extreme damage during the colder months ahead, here are a few fall roof maintenance tips.

Consider Tree Trimming 


If your home is surrounded by larger trees with branches that extend onto or above your roof, you should consider trimming them. Trees could be dangerous as they could break and fall onto your roof resulting in caving, damage to other parts of your home, and even injury to your family. In addition to the damage branches can cause, the leaves from the trees pose its own threat to your roof. Lingering leaves can cause blockages in your gutter causing additional problems like growth of mold and wood rot.


Check Your Gutters


Your gutters are designed to keep water away from your roof, and direct it some place away from your home to prevent flooding issues. Parts of trees like twigs and leaves can cause blockage in your gutters and create damage to the foundation of your home. As you check tasks off of your roof maintenance list this fall, be sure to include the cleaning of your gutters.


Check for Leaks and Damage


Much like any object or material, wear and tear on your roof is normal especially after a period of time. Some roofing materials are susceptible to warping, pitting, corrosion, and gapping. This fall, take the time to check around and be sure that your roof does not have any cracks, bald spots, holes or other damage that may need to be repaired.


Check Your Roof Flashings 


Your flashing is a piece of thin metal that aids in waterproofing the perimeter of your roofing system. Flashings keep the water away from the joints and seams and prevents it from entering any cracks that may be present in your roof. It is normal for roof flashing to suffer a bit of wear and tear over time and develop holes and corrosion. This can be fixed by plugging the holes with roofing cement. If the damage done to the flashings is extreme, replacement should be considered.


Whether you need a little help, or a lot of help, our professionals at Jim Amos could assist you with all of your roof maintenance needs. 

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