Tips for Matching Roofing and Siding Choices

Tips for Matching Roofing and Siding Choices

Taking the time to look into your options and finding a color roofing that works with your siding can make your home look stunning.

When you need to replace your shingles and roofing, you may focus on the technical purpose, but your roofing plays a massive role in your home’s appearance. Taking the time to look into your options and finding a color roofing that works with your siding can make your home look stunning.

Consider Contrast

Using a bold difference between the color of your siding and roofing is a great way to make sure your home stands out. If most of the homes in your area have roofs that are in the same color family of grays and browns, a color change can be very dynamic. Trying a red roof, for instance, if you have white or light colored siding, is a great option. 

Check The Lighting

No matter the time of day your roofing and siding will be visible. Ensuring that the colors you choose look good in all lighting is essential. Use samples to check how different light throughout the day affects the easy the color looks. You don’t want to wait until after you’ve installed your new roof to find out that your colors clash whenever it’s overcast!

Think Practically

There are several factors to consider beyond the visual appeal of different colors. If you decide to go with a lighter colored roof, you may help keep your home cooler and more energy efficient in a hot climate. A darker colored roof, by contrast, can help improve heat needs and keep your home warmer in a cool environment. While siding tends to have less of an effect on efficiency, there are some that are better rated for temperature insulation.  

“Try” It On

Have you ever tried an app or filter that uses a photo of yourself to test out different hairstyles or colors? Try the same thing with a picture of your home! New or replacement roofing and shingles are a substantial financial investment if you find that your choice isn’t the most flattering you may have to live with the results. Using technology to see how different siding and roofing will affect the look of your house is a great way to help weigh your options. 

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