Why Roof Cleaning Is Necessary

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Maintaining the cleanliness of your roof can positively impact the overall quality of your roof and its structure.

If you are a homeowner then you understand the importance of having a clean roof — or at least you should. In fact, as soon as the siding of your home starts to get a bit dusty and dirty, then you might need a good power washing — and it might mean that your roof needs to be cleaned as well. The reality is, having your home looking nice is key — which is why you can never forget the importance of a  frequent roof cleaning . Ultimately, a dirty roof can not only hinder the curb appeal of your humble abode but it can also damage the roof itself — especially when it isn’t cleaned for a significant period of time. Here are some excellent reasons why you should always maintain a clean roof throughout the year.

It’s Not Just About The Dirt

Besides dirt, there are bacteria and debris that can build up over time on your roof. In fact, think about how many different elements your roof is exposed to on a regular basis. The reality is, dirt and debris will undoubtedly begin to build up over time which can be harmful to the health and structural integrity of the home overall. Ultimately, dark stains and green areas signal that there is dirt and debris on your home — potentially the roof itself — that can negatively impact your home down the line. 

Algae Can Grow

Similarly, algae is something that can begin to grow and cause problems to your home. In fact, algae is dangerous to the overall structural integrity of the home itself. The reality is, when it comes to your roof, algae is going to totally wreak havoc on it. Ultimately, if you have a multitude of shaded areas on your roof, that’s precisely where algae thrives. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to keep up with your roof cleaning.

Stains Will Damage Your Roof

So how exactly do stains damage a home’s roof? For the most part, the stains along with the growth patches that accompany algae tend to damage your roof because they’ll cause shingle deterioration or even wood rot. In fact, both issues will likely lead to expensive and quite costly repairs over time. The reality is, this’ll surely shorten the lifespan of your roof which isn’t ideal. Ultimately, keeping up with a roof cleaning will absolutely minimize the potential for any of these issues occurring. 

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