How to Make Your Windows Less Drafty

How to Make Your Windows Less Drafty

Having drafty windows can be a major headache.

Having drafty windows can be a major headache. After all, it’s great to let in some extra warmth in the spring and summer, but in the winter, you’ll just be miserable. Here are some useful tips for how to make your windows less drafty for the rest of this winter.

Add More Weather-stripping

One idea for improving your windows and doors is to add more weather –stripping. The older they get, the more your doors and windows will need weather-stripping. Neglecting this issue will result in them becoming draftier as the years pass. This idea is a good quick fix, and you can add it around the sashes of the windows in your home. Plus, you have plenty of options to make it look more stylish.

Try Some Shrink Wrap

While this is an unconventional suggestion, it can’t hurt to try it out. However, if you use shrink wrap to make your windows less drafty, be aware that it’ll be next to impossible to open your windows. If that’s a safety concern, then you will want to think about a different option instead.

Consider a Draft Snake

Another idea is to try using a draft snake. By using a draft snake, you can help manage the draftiness of both your windows and doors. Although it is possible to get these draft snakes from online vendors, it’s quicker and easier to try making one yourself. If you do, then experiment with old socks full of rice or fold up an old towel that you don’t use anymore. See which method works better.

Insulate Your Curtains

Our final suggestion is to insulate your curtains. Insulated curtains capture more heat during the daytime, which is essential during the day in the winter. However, for best results, you’ll need to keep them closed. If you open them, they won’t be able to provide as much protection.

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