Signs That You Didn’t Hire the Best Window Contractor

Signs of a Bad Window Contractor Jim Amos Contracting

You never want to hire a subpar window contractor because your windows, like your exterior doors, protect you, your family, and your home.

You never want to hire a subpar window contractor. Your windows, like your exterior doors, protect you, your family, and your home. No one looks forward to drafty windows during the winter or windows that allow too much heat and light to come in during the summer. It would be best if you always strived to have high-performance and energy-efficient windows

High-quality windows can last up to 25 years. However, the lifespan of your windows is questionable if you didn’t hire the best window contractor. When you choose Jim Amos Contracting, Inc. as your window installation company, you can instill complete trust in us. Our team of experts can ensure you avoid a lot of pitfalls regarding home improvement. Let’s delve into some signs that you didn’t hire the best window contractor. 

If Your Windows Aren’t Attractive

Typically, homeowners’ top reason for home remodeling is that they want their homes to have curb appeal. So if your new windows aren’t beautiful, level, gap-free, and clean, these are red flags. 

Your Window Contractor Failed You If Your Windows Aren’t Functional. 

The doors and windows in your home should open and close with ease. No one should struggle to let air or sunshine into their homes. If it feels as if you may hurt or dislocate your shoulder trying to open your window, you didn’t hire a top-notch window contractor. A troublesome operation is also a red flag that you should always address. 

Drafty, Noisy Windows

Double and triple-paned windows are advantageous because they offer insulation. Window insulation matters because that equates to better energy efficiency and less outside noise. If you notice a draft or loud, external noises, whether you open or close the window, your window(s) don’t have proper insulation. You never want high energy bills inadvertently, so be sure to look into this. 

Foggy Window Panes

Brand new double-paned windows have their fair share of gas between the window panes to insulate the window. However, when a damaged window seal surrounds the panes, moist air enters the home, causing the window to become foggy. If you clean your window and cannot remove the cloudiness internally or externally, the insulation is inefficient and will worsen over time if not addressed. 

Unfinished Caulking

The caulking is what helps protect your home from external factors. Unfinished caulking will result in water entering your home through the cracks. The caulk should be smooth, hole, and gap-free. If it’s time for window upgrades, give Jim Amos Contracting, Inc. a call today. 

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