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Siding is a crucial element to any home or building.  The right siding can dramatically improve your property’s aesthetics, while simultaneously increasing its value.  How do you know which siding is right for you?  That’s where we come in.  In addition to beautifying your home or building, siding can actually help lower your utility bills.  Jim Amos Contracting is a professional exterior home improvement company with a solid reputation.  We provide many options to achieve your goals.

Our team can blow insulation into your walls before installing the siding, or we can install a rigid insulation board prior to siding installation.  If you want to automatically raise your R-factor, we can install solid core siding.  To take it one step further, we can install an exterior wrap such as Tyvek, which will raise the efficiency of your walls.  In addition to saving you money, our siding can also save you time with a 100% maintenance-free exterior.  Our philosophy of striving for 100% customer satisfaction explains why a large volume of our business comes from repeat customers and their referrals.