Tips for Designing a Walk-In Closet

Tips for Designing a Walk-In Closet jim amos contracting

Designing the ideal walk-in closet for your needs is a time-consuming task best left to professionals.

Custom walk-in closet design is more complex than it looks because getting organized and designing the ideal closet for your needs are time-consuming tasks best left to professional custom closet designers. First, you must assess the overall design of a well-organized closet. Secondly, you should incorporate practical solutions for your storage and access needs. Continue reading to learn six efficient strategies to complete a walk-in closet

Complete a Wardrobe Inventory

Evaluating your wardrobe carefully and taking inventory of everything you would like to house in your walk-in closet is critical. Do you own oversized winter coats? Do you have more blouses than dresses? You must also determine whether to include single or double hangs on your clothing. Also, men’s closet spaces typically only require a few single-hang sections unless they own long formal coats or hunting gear. 

Determine the Dimensions of Your Clothes

One aspect of your custom walk-in closet design that you may overlook is the width of your clothes, both hanging and folded. You always want the best possible storage solution for your personal wardrobe. For instance, most clothing items that are hung, like jackets, blouses, and dress shirts, will fit inside a 22-inch-deep area. Be aware of a few general clothing dimensions when planning your custom walk-in closet: 

  • Coats need up to 68 inches, and skirts need up to 45 inches of vertical space.
  • Folded shirts and sweaters need 9-15 inches of linear space each. 
  • Pants and jeans need up to 50 inches of vertical space or half when folded.

Find Methods for Your Corners

Figuring out what to do with corners can be a challenge. However, they will appear visually seamless and functional if you design them correctly. One helpful tip here is to avoid hanging clothes perpendicularly from each other. In addition, you may only hang from one side when the two rows of clothes meet in the corner. This means you lose 24 inches of valuable storage space. Ideally, you can have one side hang clothes while the other offers shelves. 

If Possible, Add an Island

Islands are a great addition to any walk-in closet. However, the spacing should be proper. A 36-inch walkway on each side of the island, which becomes a 12-foot-by-12-foot closet space, is ideal. It’s always better to have more clearance space for islands with pullout drawers. Overall, islands are meant to add some luxury. 

Create Enough Linear Space to House Your Shoes

Hiring closet and organization experts signifies precision down to the ideal measurement. So, it’s our job to ensure shelves and cubbies are sufficient to store your shoe collection comfortably. One rule of thumb is to allow 7-10 inches of space per pair. Also, adjust the height of shelves and cubbies if you own boots because most boots range from 3 to 17 inches high. 

Don’t Forget About Your Accessories

Creating an organized walk-in closet means housing accessories like purses, jewelry, belts, ties, and bags. Belt and tie racks can be mounted to any dead space you might have along walls. Another excellent option for valuables is including a jewelry tray in one of your drawers. You may also place trays on your island, in a drawer, or close to a vanity. 

Ultimately, precision is vital in your walk-in closet design because the result will be the closet of your pursuits. It will look great and feel spacious and last you a lifetime. 

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