What to Know When Remodeling Your Bathroom

What to Know When Remodeling Your Bathroom jim amos contracting

Bathroom remodeling is a fantastic way to update your home without going overboard.

When your home is ready for a bit of a makeover, consider the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling is a fantastic way to update your home without going overboard and making it uninhabitable in the process. Plus, bathrooms are smaller spaces, requiring less labor and lower costs. 

However, you still want to go into the bathroom remodeling process armed with all the right knowledge so you don’t waste precious time or money. We understand that your bathroom design should be a reflection of your style and how you utilize the space. With our guidance, we can help you design the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Know Your Goals

It can be difficult to picture what your bathroom remodeling is going to look like, but it’s best to define broad goals before you start hauling in bathroom upgrades. Do you feel like you’re missing a touch of luxury, or perhaps you just need more storage? Maybe you only have a shower currently and want a bath, or it’s the opposite and you know you never take baths? It’s a conversation that should be had between anyone who is using the bathroom space and the bathroom remodeling team.

Define Your Budget

Whenever you’re doing a home remodel, it’s important to consider budget above all. You don’t want to have to pause a project because you’re running out of funds for it. Work alongside your contractor to create a comprehensive budget, one that includes materials, labor, and even wiggle room for anything unexpected. Always double-check your budget before proceeding with your bathroom remodeling project!

Think About Longevity

You never want to buy into a trend that isn’t going to last. Not only is it a bad value proposition, but functionality should always be at the forefront of your design decisions, not what’s popular right now. Consider timeless and versatile design elements like colored grout, patterned tiles, good and functional lighting, and more in order to make your bathroom look sophisticated.

Choose the Right Materials

All the little details stack up, which is why you should use high-quality materials across the entire design. Using better quality materials is also more sustainable as you’re less likely to have to replace something later. Work with your contractor to figure out the best options that still fall within your budget.

Create More Storage

No one has ever regretted adding more storage to their bathroom during a bathroom remodel! You want to make sure you’re considering built-in shelves, under-sink cabinets, or even a floating shelf solution that can help you stay organized. This all depends on what your needs and space look like.

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