5 Important Roof Care Tips

5 Important Roof Care Tips

Don’t forget to care for your roof!

If you’ve ever had to replace a roof, you know just what a hassle it can be. Along with being costly, replacing a roof puts you at an inconvenience for the duration of the repairs. With that in mind, making sure to follow proper maintenance and care methods can save you the hassle and ensure that your roof is leak-proof and sound for years to come.

Perform Regular Checks

One of the simplest ways to make sure your roof is in the best possible shape and to catch problems before they increase is to make sure to visually inspect it twice a year and after each storm. The best way to do this is by using binoculars because standing on the roof can cause damage.

Clean Carefully

Never power wash your roof! It might seem like using a power washer is an effective way to remove mold and mildew, but the force of a power washer can push the water under the shingles and tiles causing more damage. There are cleaning materials specifically for roofing, however calling in professionals will be the safest way to keep you and your roof safe.

Remove Debris

Make sure to keep the roof clean of other materials. The roof and gutters should be kept clean of leaves, branches, and other debris. While you still want to be very careful, this can usually be done DIY, although you may have professionals take care of the gutters and cleaning when they clean away mold and mildew.

Remove And Replace Tiles As Needed

Make sure to remove and replace any broken or missing tiles as soon as you notice the damage. This can help keep the tiles surrounding the area secure and leak free. This also ensures that any leaks or damage created will be dealt with promptly.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Depending on where you live, having tree branches overhang your roof may be inevitable. As much as possible try to keep branches and trees away from your roof to prevent damage in case one falls. Likewise, make sure that none are touching the roof as they can cause gouging and scratching in high wind. 

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