Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Preparing Your Roof for Winter jim amos contracting

Doing a bit of roof maintenance can help you prevent serious issues from developing later on

The temperatures outside have finally taken a dip, which has many of us turning our thoughts toward winter. It’s time to bust out the snow boots and take a walk around the house to ensure that everything is ready for the upcoming winter months. Roof maintenance may not be the most exciting part of owning a home, but it’s certainly an essential one.

That’s because your roof ends up being a barrier between you and your family and the harsh weather outside. Doing a bit of roof maintenance can help you prevent serious issues from developing later on, which should give you the confidence that nothing will go wrong during the upcoming cold months. Here are our winter roof maintenance tips.

Inspecting the Roofline

The most critical and first roof maintenance step to take is taking a look at your roofline. Make sure everything looks straight, without any signs of curving, dipping, or sagging, which may indicate framing issues or rotten wood. While a sagging roof is likely okay structurally, you should follow up and get it inspected, as heavy enough snowfall could cause a roof cave-in. If there are any leaks or more extensive deterioration, repairs might be called for.

See if Chimney Flashing is Leaking

If you have a chimney, you definitely want to inspect it before using it this winter. Chimney flashing is one area to note; it’s the strip of metal that seals the connection point between your chimney and roof. It’s also a common problem area as chimney flashing is prone to leaking, leading many to believe their roof is leaking. If the flashing is loose, damaged, or has deteriorated caulk, it should be fixed before the cold weather sets in.

Take Note of Water Damage

Chimney flashing isn’t the only area that can develop leaks, though. You want to go into your attic, if you have one, as that’s an area that sometimes has signs of a leaky roof that can’t be seen anywhere else in the home. Look for water spots on walls, wet roof decking, or even puddles developing on your attic’s floor. If you have any of those issues, you want to schedule a professional to come in and inspect your roof.

Remove Any Debris

As critical as all of these inspections are for your roof maintenance, you also want to do a little cleaning. Removing debris, twigs, and leaves from your roof can help prevent water damage. Check behind your chimney and make sure your roof is clear.

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