Getting Your Roof Ready for a Storm

Getting Your Roof Ready for a Storm

It’s the end of the summer, and this time of year always brings some pretty intense storms.

It’s the end of the summer, and this time of year always brings some pretty intense storms. Your first line of defense against those storms is your roof, so it is super important to make sure it is ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Here are some tips for making sure your home’s roof can weather the storms.

Homeowner’s Insurance

First, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what parts of your roof and what types of damage are covered. Insurance policies can be tricky in their wording sometimes so don’t feel bad if you need to ask someone! Your insurance agent should be able to give you all of the details you need to answer your questions.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters run around the edges of your roof. In a storm, the gutters carry rainwater from the roof down and away from your home. Without gutters, all of that water would just run down and damage your foundation. Your gutters cannot function properly unless they are cleaned out. Remove all sticks, leaves, and debris. While you’re cleaning, you should also make sure all of the fasteners holding the gutters up are properly secured.

Risk Mitigation

A typical late-summer storm brings a significant amount of wind. If there are any loose tree branches on your property, that debris could fly up and damage your roof. Even if the branches aren’t loose, but the tree is tall and close enough to your home, high winds could still cause the branches to blow into your roof.

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