Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

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Roofs need maintenance, especially during winter

Roofs need maintenance. It’s inevitable. Wear and tear happen over time, and your roof has an integral part in keeping your home protected from the elements. Is your roof winter-ready? Winter is creeping up, and you want to ensure that your roof is at its best. Here are a few critical tips. 

Don’t Keep Snow on Your Roof.

Snow is visually appealing. However, if snow sits on a roof too long, it can cause damage. Heavy snowfall can compromise your roof. Plus, you don’t want the snow to freeze and melt and then freeze again because it causes ice dams. Ice dams can loosen up your shingles and even go as far as to cause leaks. The point is that you want to keep your roof as dry as possible. Snow removal can be a dangerous job but guess what? You can hire us to clean your roof, repair it, and take care of various maintenance tasks. 

Inspect Your Flashing (or Hire Us to Do So)

Over time, flashing can become loose or warped. Even if you hired a company that performed a proper installation, wear and tear are inevitable. Even worse, if the flashing isn’t in the best shape, this can cause snow and ice to move around loosely, causing a leak. Your shingles can crack and chip as well. You can prevent moisture buildup in your ceiling by ensuring that our professionals repair your flashing, if necessary. 

Examine Your Roof for Wind Damage 

Snow and ice can do damage, but so can a mighty wind. Look for missing shingles or other missing parts if it becomes particularly windy this winter. Untreated areas don’t only make your home susceptible to leaks, but it can make your roof attract mold and mildew. 

Ventilate Your Attic

When you ventilate your attic, it ensures that your home has proper airflow. A properly-ventilated-and-insulated home keeps the house warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Also, your house won’t have exposure to the elements, such as ice dams. If the airflow stays consistent, your home and roof will have the ultimate protection. 

If you don’t love the way your roof looks, you can give Jim Amos Contracting a call. Our integrated roofing systems ensure longevity, plus we have a variety of shingle options (both in design and color). From roofing to home additions, our contracting services will suit any homeowner’s needs. 

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