Popular Roofing Material Choices for Your New Roof

Popular Roofing Material Choices for Your New Roof

Here is a guide to some of the best roofing materials you can choose from!

Do you like wearing hats? While you might not always need a hat or an umbrella when you are outside, your home doesn’t have a choice. In this analogy, your home’s hat is the roof. The passage of time isn’t kind on the exterior of many homes, and neither is Mother Nature. That might be why you need to have a new roof installed. Here is a guide to some of the best roofing materials you can choose from!

Clay and Concrete Tiles

When you use clay and concrete tiles, you are in for a treat. That’s because they can add more texture to your home’s roof while also making it look more sophisticated. Genuine clay tiles will need to be installed by roofing professionals; concrete tiles aren’t as expensive, but they also tend to be heavier. Both types are incredibly durable and fire-resistant, plus concrete is an energy-efficient material. 


Slate roofing materials are gorgeous and add a touch of class to your house. You can pick from different colors, such as green, grey, red, black, and purple. This material is also very durable, resistant to fire damage, and can be recycled when you don’t need it anymore.  

Metal Roofing 

While it’s more common to see metal roofing attached to commercial buildings, you can also use it for residential purposes. Metal roofs come in two styles: panels and shingles. There are also four types of metal available – zinc, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. plus, this roof material will last longer than asphalt or wood, and does a great job reflecting sunlight. 


Now let’s switch gears to talking about synthetic roofs. Some examples include rubber, polymers, and plastic. All of them are engineered to mimic natural materials while being surprisingly strong and low-maintenance. the best thing about them is that they are not as easy to shatter – and on top of all that, they are lighter and more affordable. 

Wood Shingles/Shake

Wood shingles and shakes have been around for centuries. They look beautiful when they are first installed and then turn an attractive grey color the older they get. Wood shakes are made by hand, while shingles are machine-cut products instead. 

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