A Guide on Turning a Basement into a Bedroom

Tips on Turning a Basement into a Bedroom Jim Amos Contracting

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Your basement holds much potential. Many homeowners turn their basements into the ultimate entertainment center. However, other homeowners decide to turn their basements into a guest or additional bedroom. If that’s your goal, we specialize in room additions here at Jim Amos Contracting. Our professionals can transform your basement into a beautiful and welcoming bedroom. Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of a bedroom basement. 


Heat rises. Therefore, because a basement is at the lowest level of the home, it can become a frost zone. Wood panels are an excellent alternative to bare walls that many basements have. Wood is an excellent insulator. When you ensure that any room has insulation, you also help to drown out unwanted noises.

Choose a Bedroom Style That You Love

This tip may be obvious, but it matters that you fully flesh out how you’d like your bedroom to look. If you’re using this space as an additional bedroom for the kids, you may opt for a rustic bunk bed and create a woodsy look. If you’d like to turn this space into a guest bedroom, you may go for a mature design scheme. Either way, planning out your must-have design elements never hurts. 

Add Visual Appeal

When you add visual appeal to a room, it can make even the smallest of basements appear bigger. Vertical stripes and chevron patterns can open up space. Mirrors also create a more open appeal, but they also even out the room’s light distribution. 

Warm Colors for the Win!

Anyone sleeping in this space should feel relaxed and comfortable. A neutral backdrop and an accent wall with a warm hue will ensure that this unique space isn’t full of drab. A general design rule of thumb that every homeowner can put in their pocket is never to pick more than two predominant shades when picking out paint colors. Many basements don’t have a lot of natural light, making sense to pick hues that will warm or lighten up the room. Golden and cream colors are very inviting. 

A Basement That Complements the Rest of the Home

Your entire home, from ceilings to floors, should be cohesive. If you want your basement to match the rest of the bedrooms in your home, keep the designs and d├ęcor similar. Continuity is the goal. A drywall finish with decorative ceiling beams also helps in this regard. 

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