Why Adding an Addition to Your Home is Better Than Moving

Adding an Addition Vs. Moving Jim Amos Contracting

Today’s topic of discussion will be why adding an addition to your home is better than moving

Today’s topic of discussion will be why adding an addition to your home is better than moving. If you genuinely are unhappy with your home and renovations won’t make a difference, then, by all means, buy the home that you deserve. However, it’s still worth researching the many ways that you can enhance your current home. You might have a few epiphanies! When it comes time to choose if you want to move or remodel your home, it shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Explore your options and choose wisely. Here is why it might work in your favor to add an addition to your home versus relocating. 

Buying a New Home is Time-Consuming 

Ask yourself if you genuinely want to go through such an involved process all over again. The paperwork and searching through thousands of listings is time-consuming. Also, consider that you might have to go through a bidding war if you find your must-have home. Wood is scarce currently. It appears that more people are looking for a house than there are homes. 

With an Addition, You Get What You Want 

The advantage of homeownership is that you can rearrange and remodel it as you see fit as much as you want. Rarely does a person buy a house and not want to make changes to it. Even if it’s a near-perfect residence, you can always add your unique touches. Even the most fabulous home might not have what you want. An addition ensures that you can check off all your specifications. 

Homebuying is Costly

It’s safe to say that adding an addition to your home is less expensive than buying a bigger house. Plus, if you’ve been living in your house for a long time, that means you’ve accrued some equity, particularly if you’ve upgraded your home. If you’re only ten years away from paying off your mortgage, starting over with a new property might not be the best idea. 

You Can Cling to Familiarity 

Homes hold sentimental value. If you love your neighbors, the neighborhood you live in overall, and the education system of where you currently live, then you don’t have to say goodbye to it. Home additions can be large or small and suit your unique needs. Whether you are making room for a newborn or you need more closet space, we have you covered. 

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