Fall is a Fantastic Season for Roof Repair: Here’s Why

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Fall is a fantastic season for roof repair

Roof repair is no easy feat! For that reason, you should hire Jim Amos Contracting to take care of this taxing and often dangerous task. If you’ve been delaying roof repair or replacement all summer, we have excellent news to share. Fall is a fantastic season for roof repair. Here’s why! 

Perfect Weather Conditions for Roof Repair 

When the weather is between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit, installing asphalt shingles becomes easier for roofing contractors. Mild temperatures assist with better thermal sealing. Better thermal sealing ensures that shingles adhere to the roof firmly. Also, roofing contractors can appreciate not repairing a roof on a 90-degree day. It’s more comfortable to do so once the temperature drops. 

Colder Weather Makes Nailing Down Shingles Difficult

As you probably already know, the colder it is, the more bitter shingles become and can become more likely to break when a roofer nails them to the roof. 

A Better Sealing Technique

In autumn, shingles will have more than enough time to bond to the roof adequately. It’s harder for them to do so when precipitation hits. The proper sealing technique ensures that your home has sufficient insulation when it becomes cold and isn’t susceptible to moisture damage. 

Winter Storms Will Exacerbate a Damaged Roof

If your roof is currently suffering from wear and tear, we advise you to address this issue before winter appears. When you avoid taking care of roof damage, small problems can turn into large, costly ones. However, the winter can exacerbate roof problems. Winter storms can cause holes in roofs to expand. 

You Save Money on Heating Expenses

A few components of your home impacts your heating. For example, if you have drafty windows, this will cause your heating system to work harder, costing you money. If your doors don’t have the proper insulation, it has the same effect on your cooling systems. When you opt for a new roof during the fall, you’ll benefit from a home that has better insulation. A new roof equates to having lower heating bills. In turn, this offsets the cost of roof repair long-term. 


If your roof has seen better days, give Jim Amos Contracting a call today. Roof repair and replacement is a top defense against protecting your home and family. 

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