How to Maintain Your Roof during the Winter

How to Maintain Your Roof during the Winter

Another common problem in the winter is the buildup of snow and ice on your roof.

Different seasons bring different challenges to maintaining your home. Sometimes, there are some roofing problems that you can fix by yourself. However, there are others you should rely on the experts to deal with. Even so, there are some things you can do. Here are some pointers on how to maintain your roof during the winter.

Get Rid of Debris

First things first, get rid of any debris on your roof. This will help prevent lingering water damage. You can also prevent your roof from sagging by keeping it clear. Plus, the acid left behind in bird waste or sometimes in leaves and needles dropped by the trees around your house can damage your roof as well.

Trim Your Trees

The next piece of advice we have for you is to tree your trees back. Low hanging tree branches can fall onto your roof, leaving scratches, gouges, or dents in your roof. Make sure no shingles are dislodged by falling tree limbs because that increases the rate of water damage or moisture infiltration getting through your roof and seeping into your ceiling.

Get Rid of Algae

Sometimes, trees over your roof providing shade can be extremely comfortable. However, the trees can also keep sunlight from reaching your roof. This means any standing water on your roof will evaporate much more slowly. This gives algae, moss, mold, and mildew more time to grow. Mix some bleach and water into a sprayer and wash away all the algae you can find

Remove Snow and Ice

Another common problem in the winter is the buildup of snow and ice on your roof. Even if none of this precipitation has fallen yet this winter, you’ll want to be ready for when it does. All of that extra weight can cause your roof to buckle, and ice dams can cause other problems, too.

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