Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof works hard to protect you from the elements and the outside. With some winter roof maintenance, you can be sure it will carry you through winter!

While your roof works hard throughout the year to protect you from the elements and the outside, it can be put under particularly intense stress during the winter. The weight of ice and snow can take a big toll on a roof and lead to serious damage. However, with a little bit of winter roof maintenance, you can have an easier time and stress less.

Remove Snow During Intense Blizzards

Allowing a foot of snow to sit on your roof for an extended period of time can do serious damage. Even smaller storms might not seem like much snow, but the dense weight of snow and ice pressing on your roof can lead to water damage, holes, and other types of problems. If you are comfortable doing so, it’s a good idea to go out on a ladder and gently sweep snow off of the roof. This can prevent a variety of problems, as long as you are able to stay safe.

Pay Attention to Ice

Many homeowners understand the risks that snow piled on top of the roof can pose, but many failed to realize how dangerous ice can be. Ice is incredibly heavy, and it can weigh down the roof and the gutters. An ice dam can also form on your roof, which can be a major hazard. Ice dams occur when water flows into the gutters and freezes around the gutters. As water backs up and is unable to drain away from the home, it can lead to shingle damage and leaks in the roof. As part of your roof maintenance, check the integrity of the roof on a regular basis after ice storms.

Clean the Gutters

Another key roof maintenance task that should be taken care of in the fall is cleaning out the gutters. However, we know that sometimes you do not always get around to everything on your to-do list. If you have not had a chance to clean out your gutters yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Delaying this roof maintenance task can mean water being unable to drain away from your home and accumulating in the gutters, on the roof, and around the foundation.

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