The Benefits of Solid Core Siding

The Benefits of Solid Core Siding

If you’re ready to invest in new siding, one of the most popular options is solid core siding.

When you think about the curb appeal of your property, you probably think about things like the roof and the landscaping. However, the siding plays a major role in how well-maintained your home appears. If you’re ready to invest in new siding, one of the most popular options is solid core siding. What are some of the benefits of choosing this type of siding for your home improvement project? 

Better Energy Efficiency 

Particularly in Maryland and states where the winters can be cold in the summers can be hot, energy efficiency matters when you choose building materials. Solid core siding is well known for offering much more insulation than other types of siding, including engineered wood, brick, and fiber cement. If you are interested in lowering your energy bills and keeping as much comfortable air inside of your house as possible, solid core siding is a great choice.

Termite Resistance 

Solid core siding is created from vinyl, which means that it is termite resistant. While there is no way to completely prevent termites from entering your property, having vinyl siding is one way to decrease termite activity and deter them from taking up residence in your home. If you currently have wood siding and have experienced termite problems in the past, solid core siding is a great option for you. 

Great Durability

When it is properly installed by a professional, solid core siding can withstand hurricane-force winds up to a whopping 160 mph. This is especially important in states like Maryland, where there is some hurricane risk, and where intense summer storms are commonplace. You don’t need to worry about something happening to your siding just because there is a big gust of wind. 

Easy Maintenance

Some types of siding require a great amount of effort to properly maintain. If you would prefer using your weekends to enjoy the outside of your home instead of working on it, solid core siding is a great option. Because it is made of vinyl, it is essentially maintenance-free. Additionally, you do not need to worry about warping, buckling, or sagging. 

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