4 Signs That You Need New Siding

4 Signs That You Need New Siding

What are some of the signs that you need new siding at your property this spring?

The siding on your home is one of the first things that you notice, but it serves many more purposes beyond aesthetic appeal. Siding that is properly installed and cared for can be incredibly valuable, as it increases your curb appeal, protects your house from the elements, and helps prevent pest activity. What are some of the signs that you need new siding at your property this spring?

Mold or Mildew 

Mold and mildew are a fact of life outside, but they are also indicators that there could be water damage issues present. If you notice that there is a great deal of mold, mildew, or other fungus accumulating on your siding, you should have it inspected by a professional to determine whether or not you need new siding or repairs.

Rotting or Warping 

Take a walk around your house and look closely at the siding. Is the material underneath the siding solid, or does it easily move when you touch it? If you notice that there is rot present beneath your siding, it’s a good sign that you are due for new siding. Additionally, siding that is visibly warped or cracked should also be assessed by a professional and replaced.

Extreme Fading

Exterior siding that is seriously faded is not just an aesthetic concern, it also can mean that the weatherproofing capabilities of the material are coming to an end. It’s generally a good idea to replace siding before it is completely damaged to avoid harm to your house. Once you notice that your siding is extremely faded, contact a professional for new siding.

Blisters or Bubbles 

Water damage is a serious concern for siding, and blisters or bubbles visible on the surface or underneath the surface of your siding are indicators that you have a water problem on your hands. When water is trapped beneath the surface of the siding, it can impact the integrity of the siding and eventually the integrity of your home. Because one of the most important purposes of siding is keeping water out of your house, it should be replaced with new siding when it can no longer do so.

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