Demystifying the Window Installation Process

Demystifying the Window Installation Process

The window installation process is simple and straightforward!

New windows are a fantastic way to make your home more energy efficient and attractive. However, they are a significant investment, which can make some homeowners nervous about the process. Thankfully, the window installation process is simple and straightforward! Here is a quick and simple guide to what you can expect during the process.

How Are New Windows Installed? 

While there are multiple different ways to complete window installation, there are two different methods that are the most common, pocket installation and full-frame installation. Pocket installation involves removing the sash of your current windows and putting the new window in the current frame. This is a very fast installation process, but it limits how much versatility you have. 

Full-frame installation gives you endless options, as you can choose new window sizes or shapes. During a full-frame installation, the entire window frame and trim will be taken out and a new frame, insulation, and trim will be put in. This is a more labor and time-intensive process, but it can provide you with much more flexibility. 

How Long Will the Installation Take?

The amount of time that your window installation takes will depend on how many windows you are having installed or replaced and what installation method you choose. We can provide you with a time estimate so that you can plan out your day. 

How Much Disruption Is Involved? 

Some homeowners worry about the window installation process disrupting their homes. However, when you work with the professionals at Jim Amos Contracting, you can expect a smooth and seamless experience. We minimize the noise and disruption as much as possible, but some is unavoidable. We always take care to clean up thoroughly and communicate with you throughout the process about what to expect. If you have children or pets that are sensitive to noise or disruption, it is a good idea to place them in a part of the home away from the windows or consider placing them in daycare for the day. 

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