Maintain Your Gutters This Summer

Maintain Your Gutters This Summer

If your gutters are not ready to handle the volume of rain, it can lead to flooding, foundation damage, and more.

Rain can accumulate in your gutters quickly, especially in the summer when downpours are common. Unfortunately, if your gutters are not ready to handle the volume of rain, it can lead to flooding, foundation damage, and more. Thankfully, a little bit of time spent maintaining your home can help reduce the risk of these happening. Here are some of our best steps to maintain your gutters this summer.

Get Rid of Debris 

Debris is a major problem in gutters throughout the year, and it can even occur if you have gutter guards installed. To maintain your gutters, check the length of the gutter for leaves, yard debris, bird nests, and anything else that might obstruct the flow of water. When these things are allowed to stay in your gutters, they make it hard for the gutters to drain water efficiently. Unfortunately, they also make it challenging to keep your gutters in good condition, as the excess weight can lead to sagging and gutter damage.

Test the Gutters

Once the gutters are clear, you can check them to make sure that there is no damage. When you maintain your gutters, it is important to make sure that everything is working as it should. Grab your garden hose and run water down the length of the gutter. Are there any places that are sagging or pulling away from the home? Do you notice any leaks or spots where the water does not drain effectively? These might be the sign of problems that need repair, but they could also be a sign that you need gutter replacement. Contact us to learn more about our gutter services. We are happy to help you make sure that your gutter system is working properly.

Check the Roof 

Problems with your gutters can also lead to problems with your roof, so as you maintain your gutters, it makes sense to also check the roof. Look for any places where water is gathering, or where the gutters are not properly aligned with the perimeter of the roof. By identifying these problems early, you can avoid costly repairs later down the road.

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