Replacement Windows: What You Need to Know

Replacement Windows: What You Need to Know

With spring almost here, there’s no better time to get replacement windows.

With spring almost here, there’s no better time to get replacement windows. Your current windows may have been too damaged by the storms that happened over the winter, or the recent wind storms seen in Maryland. Here are three things you should know about replacement windows.

Repairs and Replacements

Depending on how damaged your windows are, repairs might be all you need. However, sometimes you will need replacement windows instead. So how do you tell the difference? If the windows were painted in such a way that you can’t open or close them, then you need repairs. Other instances where repairs are enough to fix the problem include:

  1. Shattered panes and broken sashes
  2. Hardware is ruined
  3. The glazing and weather stripping have failed

These are simple issues to remedy. You’ll need replacement windows if you some of these signs:

  1. The frame is decaying
  2. Buildups of condensation
  3. High maintenance needs

The Energy Star Rating

If the windows you want are given an Energy Star rating, then you know they will be high-quality products with excellent energy efficiency. This, in turn, makes them great for the environment. These windows must be made by Energy Star partners who are given thorough training to ensure that their windows meet the expected standards. These windows must also be certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC in order to be Energy Star rated.

Frequently Heard Myths

You’ll also hear about many different myths about replacement windows. For one thing, choose the material for your new windows carefully. Whether you want wood or vinyl, both can be a great fit. For instance, you might hear that they don’t offer very good insulation. But insulation has more to do with external factors such as weather stripping and Energy Star rating. You might also think that replacement windows can only come in a few colors. Actually, you can choose from various colors and will never have to repaint them.

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