Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Door Replacement

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Beautiful and durable exterior doors enhance curb appeal and security.

Door replacement adds value to a home. Doors serve a vital function in any home and can experience a lot of wear and tear. Beautiful and durable exterior doors enhance curb appeal and security. As you accidentally hit grocery bags against the door or when inclement or humid weather occurs, doors face their fair share of issues. You might also notice that it’s no longer as easy to open and close your doors over time. You might ask if door replacement is worth it, considering some signs are not as obvious. We share some telltale signs that you could benefit from new-and-improved doors

Questionable Functionality

Do you have trouble opening, closing, or locking your doors? When a door is no longer functional, that’s the number one sign that door replacement is imminent. Sometimes basic maintenance such as adjusting a door stop or changing the lock is all that’s necessary. However, some doors, particularly doors that have been around for decades, might need an entire replacement. 

Visible Damage

The eyes never lie when it comes to remodeling a home. When you can see a door cracking, peeling, and warping, door replacement should be in your home’s future. Sometimes, it only takes a paint job to enhance a door’s appearance. However, sometimes wood doors need more than a minor adjustment. Steel and fiberglass doors might be more suitable for your home than wood. You can never go wrong with exploring your options. 

The Doors Are Ancient 

A purposefully retro door is different than one that has deteriorated over time. Outdated doors no longer benefit your home in serving its purpose. Wood is a cost-effective material, but you might find yourself liking steel and fiberglass options once again. Fiberglass doors last longer and involve minimal maintenance, while metal doors rank high in durability. Always consider that long-term benefits always outweigh higher upfront costs. 

Drafty Doors

Drafty doors, like drafty windows, make a home less energy efficient, leading to higher energy costs. In addition, drafty doors make a home less comfortable during the winter months. 

Damaged Door Window Frames

Once again, doors enhance your home’s curb appeal. Particular door frames make a home look more welcoming. However, glass frames can present problems. Drafts can also enter through a door’s window frames. Water leaks are also a cause for concern. Check for soft, chipped, or water-damaged window frames. Also, conduct a draft test. At all costs, we recommend avoiding rot and mold. 

Are you ready for new-and-improved doors? Call Jim Amos Contracting today to inquire about door replacement. 

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