Everything to Know About a Window Installation

Everything to Know About a Window Installation

Window installation holds a lot of value in your homes.

Window installation holds a lot of value. When you invest in window replacement, you foster a more energy-efficient home, enhance your home’s safety and security, create a more aesthetically-pleasing home, and many other benefits. Naturally, any homeowner has a lot of questions when they’re ready to replace their windows. We’re here to answer them. Here are all the need-to-knows regarding window installation. 

Window Installation Techniques

There are two primary methods, which are: 

  1. Pocket Installation: Contractors remove only the sash of the preexisting window and place the new window into the existing frame. This process is quicker and doesn’t take more than an hour per window. However, the caveat is that you can only replace the window with the existing opening. 
  2. Full-Frame Installation: Contractors can accommodate new window shapes and sizes by changing the opening. Installers remove the window frame and trim and put a new window with a new frame, trim, and insulation in its place. This technique deals with the home’s interior and exterior. Therefore, full-frame installation is a more time-consuming and laborious process. 

How Long Does a Window Installation Take? 

There isn’t one solid answer because it depends on the project’s scope. However, rest assured that once we have the specifications, we can provide you with the approximate number of hours or days. 

How Much Obstruction Occurs?

Our mission is always to make the installation process as smooth as possible for our customers. However, there is noise and disruption associated with window installation. The good news is that you don’t have to leave your home during the process. Pocket installation doesn’t cause as much of a disturbance. However, full-frame installation involves labor performed inside and outside your home. Therefore, this process is slightly more disruptive. Regardless of our team’s technique, they will clean up the work area. 

Do I Have to do Anything to Prepare? 

We recommend deactivating any alarm systems connected to your windows and trimming any shrubs or landscaping that might be blocking your windows. You also want to clear the area of any fragile or delicate areas, cover furniture, and keep kids or pets away from the work site. 

Are We Licensed and Insured? 

Yes! We are fully licensed and insured (MHIC #28628). 

Will You Remove My Old Windows?

Yes, unless you designate otherwise. 

Contact Jim Amos Contracting today whenever you’re ready to benefit from new-and-improved windows. Also, we’re happy to answer any of your questions not covered in this content. 

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