How Long Will the Average Kitchen Remodel Take?

How Long Will the Average Kitchen Remodel Take?

One of the first things homeowners inquire about a kitchen remodel is, “How long will it take?”

One of the first things homeowners inquire about a kitchen remodel is, “How long will it take?” An approximate completion date comes with many factors and considerations because no kitchen remodeling process is the same. When a homeowner understands the project’s overall scope, this results in a more precise completion time. Some questions to ask include: 

  1. What is my current kitchen style, and which type of kitchen do I want for the final project? 
  2. Do I want to keep the preexisting layout or change it? Do I want new countertops, prep areas, and storage?
  3. Will my current plumbing stay in place, or do I want any electrical upgrades? Does my kitchen need new lighting? 

Our experienced and terrific team will help you select the best materials, color palette, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more. You can expect a free estimate from us, and we’ll help you through every step. Here are two examples of how long a kitchen remodel will take based on different scenarios.

How Long a Kitchen Remodel Takes When Refacing Cabinets

You can change your cabinets’ style and color and add new hardware. A cabinet refacing is ideal for homeowners who love their current kitchen layout but want close-to-new cabinets. A cabinet refacing saves time and money by updating preexisting cabinet boxes. However, you still get new cabinet doors and drawers. Once the installation begins, this process takes about seven to ten days. However, smaller kitchens can take as little as three to five days. For time-saving purposes, it’s always best to install each material on consecutive days. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

For a complete kitchen overall, custom kitchen cabinetry enhances your kitchen’s functionality and look. Custom cabinets take at least ten working days to complete. After contractors template countertops, new countertop installation takes about a week. We recommend scheduling countertop installation after you have your new countertops. Backsplash tile, flooring, and other accessories usually take a few days to install. 

Tips to Make a Kitchen Remodel Smoother

  1. Plan all your meals when you have scheduled the installation because your kitchen will be inaccessible. 
  2. Refrain from allowing pets and children to get close to the installation area.
  3. Keep everyday items such as coffee makers and microwaves (if it’s not built-in) in a room you can access without disruption. 
  4. Enjoy ordering out and considering cooking on the grill for a few days.
  5. Ensure you have a clear pathway to your refrigerator and freezer

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