How to Deal with Condensation on Your Windows

How to Deal with Condensation on Your Windows

If you notice any excess moisture you’ll want to see what the cause is — then you might try one of these options to minimize it.

If you’ve noticed condensation on your home windows, it’s time to act. While condensation might be merely annoying, it might also be a sign that repair work is needed for your windows or doors. If you notice any excess moisture you’ll want to see what the cause is — then you might try one of these options to minimize it.

Eliminate Moisture

If there are certain rooms or areas within your home that always seem to have a layer of condensation it might be time to turn to a trusted favorite. Moisture eliminating products like DampRid will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Add Kitchen And Bathroom Fans

From a hot shower to a pot of steamy soup, your kitchen and bathroom are two of the areas that see the most condensation action. For these two rooms, a fan is a great way to help reduce the trouble associated with condensation. Once you have these fans installed, note that you may have to run them for up to twenty minutes after the room is used to ensure it stays damp free.

Open Your Windows

Simple and straightforward, by opening your windows you’ll release the hot, wet air and make sure that the condensation is let out. This is great for if it’s not too hot or cold outside to circulate air throughout the house so that everything is fresh.

Keep Plants Away From Windows

As your plants clean up the air in your home they create moisture as part of their process. If you’ve noticed condensation near where your plants are located, merely move your plants away from the windows.

Add Weather Stripping

Along with making your home more energy efficient, adding weather stripping to your doors and windows will ensure that cold or warm air can’t seep in or out of your home. This can be particularly useful if you are using storm windows.

Storm Windows

During winter the use of storm windows can help reduce your power bill, but storm windows can also serve a much simpler need by preventing condensation from developing on your interior windows.

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