Why Vinyl Windows Are Great for Your Home

jim amos contracting vinyl windows

The durable material allows heat and air conditioning to stay in while the outside temperatures stay out.

During the cold fall and winter months, the last thing you want is a cold draft peeking through your windows. Vinyl windows are resistant to rainy, hot, and cold weather conditions. Maryland and its surrounding areas experience many different weather conditions, and the material used to make these windows will not conform. As colder weather approaches, consider inquiring about our vinyl window replacement services for these few reasons.


What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is a polymer– making it incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to all types of weather. Because of this very durable material, vinyl windows can last up to twenty years with proper care and maintenance– making them an excellent investment for homeowners.

Vinyl Windows Are Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows are incredibly energy efficient. The durable material allows for both heat and air conditioning to stay in while the outside temperatures stay out. The older windows are, the more likely they will have difficulty preventing heat from escaping your home. Not retaining heat in your home during the colder months can leave your house almost as cold as the outside and cause a spike in your gas and electric bills. During hotter months, not having windows that are energy efficient can also cause a spike in your gas and electricity bills, as preserving the cold air and keeping out the heat will be much more challenging.


Minimizes Outside Noise

As a homeowner, you have control of many things as it pertains to your home. Unfortunately, outside noise may not be one of them. These windows aren’t only great at keeping out unwanted heat and cold air; they are also beneficial for keeping unwanted noise at bay. Vinyl insulation is not only limited to outside temperatures but noise as well.


Easy to Maintain

No matter what material your window frames are, things like residue from pollen and dust rain are inevitable. Thankfully, cleaning vinyl windows is incredibly easy with the use of water and mild detergent. 

 If you’re looking to invest in new windows for your home, consider vinyl windows. Trust in Jim Amos contracting to provide you with exceptional service when it comes to all of your needs for window installation.

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