Window Replacement: Signs It’s Time

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A damaged window is more likely to break and leaves your home more susceptible to water seepage, mold and mildew, and pests.

Window replacement is a worthy consideration, particularly if your windows affect your home’s energy performance and comfort levels. Damaged and outdated windows can’t take care of these things effectively. When this occurs, window replacement is vital. Here are telltale indicators that it’s time to replace your windows. 

Evident Damage

You can keep your family and home safe by getting a damaged window replaced immediately. A damaged window is more likely to break and leaves your home more susceptible to water seepage, mold and mildew, and pests. It also leaves your home vulnerable to intrusion. Also, you’ll avoid costly future repairs. 


Air gaps are problematic. Why? The inside air that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature leaves your home while hot and humid outside air makes its way inside the house. A room with drafty windows can make this area feel uncomfortable and even warmer. Also, when outside air seeps in, HVAC systems work that much harder to regulate a home’s temperature. Close your window, lock it, and hold your hand at the top or bottom of the window sash where it meets the frame to check for drafts. 

Condensation on the Interior

Condensation on the outside of your windows is normal. However, condensation on the inside of windows typically means an air leak or your home is humid. If you see condensation between window panes, it’s a sign there is a lack of an air-tight seal, and the insulating gas has escaped. 

High Electric Bills

Many things can cause electric bills to skyrocket. However, if you notice an unusual increase, windows can be a cause. Once again, drafts let the temperature-regulated air inside your home escape, causing your HVAC systems to work harder to keep a controlled temperature. As a result, your electric bills can increase. Plus, the lifespan of your HVAC unit can shorten due to the increased workload. 

Faded Furniture

Furniture, carpets, and rugs exposed to sunlight can fade when they don’t have the proper UV protection offered by modern windows. Low-emissivity windows keep UV rays and solar heat passing through, protecting your belongings from discoloration. 

Too Much Noise

If you live near a loud and busy intersection or street, you might assume that you must deal with the noise. However, modern double or triple-paned windows can minimize some sounds due to insulation. 


Is window replacement now on your to-do list? Call Jim Amos Contracting today for new-and-improved windows, resulting in an energy-efficient home. 

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